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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Where to find the best ice cream in Rome

After days crammed with sightseeing and museum visits, you might want to relax and indulge in the sweet side of Rome. After all, the Eternal City doesn’t only boast some of the world’s best cultural heritage but also the most delicious ice cream on the globe. So allow yourself some time to explore the wonderful world of Rome’s gelato. Here are a few suggestions where to find the best gelato in the Italian capital.

Dei Gracchi

A short walk from St. Peter's Basilica, Dei Gracchi gelateria sells excellent artisan delights and prides itself on fresh seasonal ingredients. Depending on the time of year you might find such flavours as roasted chestnuts, dates with walnuts, apple and mint as well as exquisite classics: chocolate-and-rum, pistachio and many other. There are several branches across the city.

Gelato from Fatamorgana

Fatamorgana has four outlets in the city and is loved by locals and tourists alike. This is a natural ice cream heaven with a creative approach to gelato, so expect to find flavours like wasabi, black olives, lemon curd and chocolate infused with lapsang souchong tea. 

Gelateria del Teatro

In this gourmet ice cream parlour you can watch how gelato is made while enjoying heavenly flavours such as lavender with white peach, pumpkin with chocolate, raspberry and sage. You can it at one of their pretty outdoor tables and bask in the Roman sun. 

Address: Via dei Coronari, 65

Gelato from Fior di Luna

Fior di Luna 

Located in the busy area of Trastevere, Fior di Luna doesn’t do easy commercial flavours. All ingredients are high-quality certified organic and fair trade. You will not see cones here as they tend to be mass-produced, which does not comply with the company’s ethos. In summer, try their delectable fresh fruit sorbets.


Do not be put off by the disco-style crystal-studded walls and a fake cloud on the ceiling, the ice cream here is excellent. The ingredients come from organic farms and small producers from across Italy. Every Thursday evening a small range of savoury ice creams are made: try olive oil, salmon or prosciutto flavours if you are feeling adventurous.

Address: Via Gregorio VII , 385; Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 96 

Photos by: Gelateria Fatamorgana/Facebook, Gelateria Fiordiluna/Facebook.

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